Sustainable hotel in Germany

LindenGut near Fulda, Hesse

Self-owned photovoltaic system and organic agriculture, 100 % certified BIO HOTEL and more. At the LindenGut, we always go one step further. You will find us nestled between picturesque orchards, vegetable gardens and animals that live in a species-appropriate manner in Dipperz – near the baroque city of Fulda in the Hessian Rhön. In our charming “organic guest house for happy people” you can discover a world of its own: self-sufficient and detached from the hectic pace of everyday life. We did everything we could to offer you one of the most sustainable hotels in all of Germany. After all, sustainability has many facets …


First climate-neutral hotel in the Hessian Rhön

Climate change is an issue that affects all of us and presents people with the greatest global challenge since the Ice Age. Merely managing a sustainable hotel in Germany is not enough for us. We want to make our contribution and preserve nature for future generations. That is why we are proud to run the first climate-neutral hotel in the Hessian Rhön.

Comprehensive data collection gives us information about the CO2 footprint caused by guests, employees and buildings. Emissions that cannot be avoided are compensated with the help of CO2 certificates and the support of humanitarian projects. Climate neutrality is an important part of holistic sustainability – that’s why we always set the bar high! If you want to find out more about the topic and why we purchase emission certificates, please click here

Sustainable hotel in Germany with comprehensive environmental management

Regarding sustainability it’s important for us to pursue a holistic and transparent approach. Comprehensive and certified resource management is therefore also of central importance at the LindenGut. We operate on basis of the EMAS easy system – the world’s most demanding system for sustainable environmental management. In our environmental statement you will find everything you need to know about this exciting topic and learn more about our activities, goals and our communication.

Sustainable hotel in Germany with Meeting Experts Green Award

A pleasant and productive atmosphere in the large hall, concentrated discussions in the library, or outdoor sessions in the garden? Sustainability also plays an important role for us in the conference area. Green conferences or green meetings on a smaller scale at LindenGut are guaranteed to be a natural experience. The organizers of the Meeting Experts Green Awards share this opinion as we were awarded with the “Sustainable Event Center / Location / Hotel“ award for our commitment in 2017. For more information please refer to our environmental statement or the official Meeting Experts website. The professional association for trainers, consultants and coaches (BDVT) is also convinced of our sustainable concept and awarded us with the quality seal “BDVT Recommended Seminar Hotel“.

Sustainable hotel in Germany with self-owned organic agriculture

Happy cows on the meadows,  cheerful chicken outdoors, in between geese and running ducks – a picture full of harmony. Animal welfare is of particular concern to us at LindenGut. Under the motto “transparency from the field to the plate and of course 100% organic”, we run our certified Demeter agriculture with passion and joy.

The reward for this biodynamic principle is not only a good conscience to use a future-oriented agricultural method; our farm also provides us for example with fresh eggs, meat and vegetables, which we process into high-quality products. These can then be tasted at the tables of our sustainable hotel or purchased at the farm shop.

Sustainable hotel with membership in the association BIO HOTELS

Strong partners are not only found in our supplier network. In the association BIO HOTELS, we got to know people who share the same values ​​as we do. As a member of like-minded people, we are proud to make the world a better place and offer guests sustainable hotel experiences. What was it that led us to the BIO HOTELS? This is best read in an interview with LindenGut hosts Anja Lindner and Wolfgang Gutberlet:

What personal reasons led you to become a member of BIO HOTELS?

Membership in BIO HOTELS was a logical consequence of our decision to convert our guesthouse to 100% organic. The decision, in turn, to do this came from the organic environment that has existed for more than 30 years. Wolfgang Gutberlet has already dealt intensively with the topic of organic food and healthy nutrition in the early 1980s. Due to many years of experience in the food retail trade and, as a result, also from our own production plants and agriculture, there was no doubt that the organic guest house should also be managed sustainably from the start. It is a great concept, there are good networks and cooperation partners and a remarkable exchange of like-minded hoteliers, all of whom have a common goal.


What is your concept, your vision? What’s your personal story?

Our vision is very clear: we combine a sustainable concept that reflects nature with the product and a slightly different way of dealing with each other. We want to shape the future together with our guests in an appreciative, developing and collaborative manner. Our basic promise is to be a great, competitive and unique sustainable hotel in Germany. Where attention to detail can be felt and transparency from field to the guest’s plate can be experienced live. We “spice up” this promise with the bonus of offering everything in organic and – even further – in Demeter quality. The biodynamic process makes you want more!

What special experiences have you had since you became a BIO HOTEL?

As a BIO HOTEL, the very special experiences are certainly made with the people. It is fascinating to experience which great people spend their days or vacations with us and which interesting conversations and encounters arise. Our guests are special people who approach things very consciously and carefully and try to change something; make a difference. That is exactly what we want and that creates a lot of special experiences. Finally, I would also like to note that dealing with BIO HOTELS is also very special. With so much empathy and willingness to help each another, the “Project BIO HOTELS” is simply great fun!

We want to be a good example and operate our sustainable hotel in Germany with a holistic focus. This of course also includes pursuing a future-oriented method of agriculture.

Sustainable hotel in Germany with a strong supplier network

Together, we are stronger! It is therefore particularly important to us to build fruitful relationships with our partners and to support the local economy. We can now look back on long-term partnerships with regional and sustainable suppliers. For example, we source high-quality – and of course only certified – organic food and beverages, equipment and services. On our supplier card you can see in detail which companies we work with.

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