Organic meat from Hesse - directly from the Demeter farm LindenGut

Pre-order 100% certified Demeter meat

We have good news for everyone who is asking themselves: “Where can I buy high quality meat?” True to the motto “eat less meat – but consciously and good” we offer the best organic meat from Hesse at our Demeter-certified farm. And this is how it works:

  • Order your organic meat (beef or poultry) in small or large packages.
  • We only slaughter and cut up when a whole beef has been sold. We slaughter our cattle in Fulda and then have the organic meat from the Hessian Rhön cut up at our organic butcher Kleinhenz. It can therefore take approx. 3 – 4 weeks from order to delivery.
  • Packaging: the organic meat is vacuumed, so it is easier to transport and also to take home for storage or freezing. It contains everything from beef to steak to roulade to bratwurst. We freeze organic minced meat products.
  • Organic meat can be picked up either directly from us at the farm or from the Morgensternhaus in Fulda.

Best organic meat from Hesse

Our animals have horns and are kept under the strict requirements of the Demeter seal and feed exclusively on 100% organic feed, free of genetic engineering and antibiotics. No E numbers, sugar, coloring or preservatives are used. We are certified according to DE-ÖKO 006. All organic meat products listed below with * are from our own hunt / conventional.


ORGANIC BEEF from Demeter Charolais beef

Beef packages 5 kg & 10 kg can now be pre-ordered again and will be available from mid / end of March….

Small package: 5 kg

  • 2 kg roast
  • 1 kg of roulades
  • 1.5 kg of cooked meat
  • 0.5 kg of minced meat

21,50 € / kg including VAT

Big package: 10 kg

  • 3 kg roast
  • 1 kg of steaks
  • 1 kg of roulades
  • 2.5 kg of cooked meat
  • 0.5 kg of goulash
  • 1 kg of minced meat
  • 1 kg beef bratwurst

20€ / kg including VAT

We consciously process the whole animal and therefore only offer precious parts on request due to the limited number
Minimum order quantity 1kg (minced meat and sausage from 500g)
  • Organic Entrecôte (also called Rib Eye – limited) – 39.90 € / kg incl.VAT.
  • Organic beef fillet – € 71.99 / kg incl.VAT (limited – one beef only has 2 fillets!)
  • Organic leg slices – ideal for soup € 17.50 / kg incl.VAT
  • Organic minced beef (frozen) – € 17.50 / kg incl.VAT
  • Organic beef bratwurst Rhönfilou mildly seasoned in sheep sausage (frozen) – 25.90 € / kg

Refine organic meat dishes with sauces and more

We also offer organic sauces, e.g. in 500 ml or 700 ml jars or in larger containers, vacuum drawn. Per 100 ml – 1.80 € incl.VAT.

Our self-made organic consommes and sauces consist of bones, soup meat from our Demeter cattle and chicken as well as vegetables and herbs from our Demeter garden. They have a fine taste and are refined with natural ingredients. They are perfect for refining dishes or on their own as a warming component. Since we let the sauces simmer for many hours, you have a good concentration and can therefore be diluted with different liquids, depending on your personal taste, without any problems.

Demeter beef broth or consommé

Contains water: beef (Demeter), carrots (Demeter), celery (Demeter), leek (Demeter), onion (Demeter), salt, bay leaves, juniper berries, black peppercorns

Chicken broth or consommé from the Bruderhahn

Contains water, chicken, carrots, beef, celery (Demeter), egg white (Demeter), leek (Demeter), onion, salt *, vegetable stock, bay leaves, juniper berries, black pepper

Wild jus (* from our own hunt).

Contains water: game meat & bones (wild boar), onions, carrots, tomato paste, red wine, celery (demeter), leeks (demeter), potato starch, bay leaves, juniper berries, star anise, cloves, ground chilli

Demeter currywurst sauce

Contains: water, beef bones with meat (Demeter), onions, carrots (Demeter), tomato paste, tomato ketchup, apple juice (Demeter), red wine (Demeter), sugar (Demeter), sunflower oil (Demeter), balsamic vinegar, celery (Demeter), leek (Demeter), parsley (Demeter), curry, salt *, potato starch, bay leaves, black pepper, juniper berries, cloves, star anise, ground chilli

Demeter balsamic jus

Contains: water, beef bones with meat (Demeter), onions, carrots (Demeter), tomato paste, red wine (Demeter), sunflower oil (Demeter), balsamic vinegar, celery (Demeter), leek (Demeter), parsley (Demeter), salt *, potato starch , Sugar (Demeter), bay leaves, black pepper, juniper berries, cloves, star anise

Coming soon:

Our organic free-range geese are available for Christmas. Our geese weigh around 3-5 kg after slaughter. We pack the innards inside the goose.

Organic meat from our chicken and geese

Pre-orders for our organic chicken are now possible!

  • Organic dual-use tap (TK) – approx. 1.3 – 1.4 kg: € 16.50 / kg
  • Demeter soup chicken – € 12.50 / kg
  • Demeter Chicken in a Glass – 700ml

Pre-order organic meat

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