24-hour organic vending machine

24h service at the LindenGut near Fulda

Our organic vending machines provides you with finest organic products from our certified Demeter farm 24/7. You will find it – marked by a sign – in Dipperz on the KWALIS parking lot. The machine is always stocked with fresh organic eggs, noodles, spreads and much more. It is also covered so that you can choose your goods in peace and quiet, even when it’s raining. Just drop by and choose the products you want. This way, you not only receive agricultural products of highest quality but also support the regional economy. We look forward to you!

Here, you can find the exact address: Fuldaer Strasse 21, 36160 Dipperz


Our organic vending machine: how it works

You can see our fine Demeter goods through the viewing window and use the function key to select desired products. Product prices will be displayed. Our organic vending machine accepts cash, both in coins and bills. After paying the required amount, you can collect the producst. Change can be found in the change compartment.


Organic vending machine in Fulda at the Morgensternhaus

You will also find one of our organic vending machines at the Morgensternhaus in Fulda – another initiative by W-E-G GmbH & Co. KG. Here, you can find the same offerings as in Dipperz. You can also make your payment here using an EC card.
Here is the exact address: Mackenrodtstraße – Parkplatz Morgensternhaus, 36039 Fulda
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