Your guesthouse in the Rhön Mountains, Germany

Guesthouse LindenGut near Fulda

Our organic guesthouse LindenGut is a place of tranquility near the foothills of the Hessian Rhön, very close to the baroque city of Fulda. Here, agriculture and care for future needs are combined with over 30 years of authentic organic farm life and natural hospitality.

In our organic guesthouse – the first certified one in the Hessian Rhön – we offer cozy relaxation with culinary delights and sensual cultural suggestions. Whether you are vacationing, celebrating or exchanging business – with us, nothing will distract you from feeling comfortable.


A guesthouse with a noticeable passion for 100 % certified organic quality

On the one hand, the guesthouse LindenGut is an agricultural unit with buildings and gardens. On the other hand, LindenGut stands for the conviction that we are all responsible for a better and sustainable future. 

Clear, authentic and personal.

As a member of the W-E-G initiative, the team of Anja Lindner and Wolfgang Gutberlet is appreciative, developing and collaborative. All employees and partners are involved in this process, from the agricultural production of organic food, its refinement through to processing. LindenGut is also a member of BIO HOTELS – the world’s largest association of certified sustainable hotels.

All this ensures 100 % organic quality – true to the motto: from the field to the plate, mainly from organic regional cultivation in demeter quality. At the LindenGut, we exclusively offer healthy and seasonal food. Thanks to certified suppliers, short transport routes, high-quality food components and a professional and proper handling of the food, we guarantee “enjoyable” meals. We cook vegetarian, vegan and of course take into account food intolerances.

Enjoy life in our guesthouse in the Rhön Mountains, Germany

In our organic guesthouse we focus on the essentials as we want to provide our guests with extraordinary quality time. The sphere of nature that surrounds the LindenGut is also the most important ingredient of our gastronomy. “Organic” is not just a certificate for us – more a link to the source of everything: Mother Nature. That is why we are also guided by the EMAS easy system for sustainable environmental management.

Demeter agriculture in the BIO HOTEL LindenGut is run according to biodynamic principles.

The area around our guest house in the Rhön

Around the guesthouse LindenGut you will find beautiful walks and hiking trails for extensive exploration of the surrounding nature. Here, you can experience particularly impressive sunrises and sunsets. Popular destinations are the barefoot path in Hofbieber, the Milseburg with Milseburghütte, the Fuldaer Haus, the Enzianhütte, the Guckaisee and much more.
Let yourself be inspired by our nature and experience the pure Hessian Rhön! Welcome to the LindenGut guesthouse in the Rhön.

A guest house with personal atmosphere

Many guests do not come just for our beautiful rooms, nature or our organic ingredients – many especially appreciate the personal atmosphere in our house. We want our guests to feel at ease, as having a good time with friends.

Take a look at our brochure to get more impressions.

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