Fasting in the Rhön

Experience fasting in the Hessian Rhön in the organic hotel LindenGut

Fasting in the Rhön is a particularly sustainable experience at the BIO HOTEL LindenGut near Fulda, because as a member of the BIO HOTELS association, we are 100% certified organic. Sustainability is therefore very important in our house and you can feel it as a guest with every step. Be it in our own demeter farm or in one of our unique and individual Baum-ARTEN rooms.

Our experienced fasting leader, Manuela Bildhäuser, accompanies you with a lot of know-how and empathy during your fasting in the Rhön holidays and gives you valuable tips for everyday life. With our arrangements, you can hike through the wonderful nature of the Hessian Rhön during your time with us or experience basic pleasures with a pleasant side effect.

With an alkaline fast, only alkaline foods are served on the plate. These are mainly fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs and seedlings.

Weight loss

Experience has shown that you lose up to 4 kg in weight on a seven-day alkaline fast.

Alkaline fasting in the Rhön

As a classic alternative to fasting, we also offer “base fasting in the Rhön offers”. With this cure you only consume pure alkaline products (consisting of fruit and vegetables). This is how you bring your natural acid-base balance back into balance. Alkaline fasting can also help you shed unwanted pounds. For further information such as the procedure, dates and included services, please click here.

Fasting hiking in the Rhön

We recommend our “fasting hikes in the Rhön offers” to everyone who would like to actively organize their fasting break. Experience the nature of Hesse in an intimate atmosphere, hike on extensive hiking trails towards the famous Wasserkuppe, enjoy wellness treatments and much more. For detailed information such as the procedure, dates and included services, please click here.

Biohotel Lindengut Fasten zu Hause Minze

If you have any questions about our fasting in the Rhön arrangements, please feel free to contact us. Our experienced team will advise you in detail. We look forward to your inquiry!

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