Demeter animal husbandry

Why Demeter Animal Husbandry?

A sustainable economy is a matter close to our hearts. After all, it is up to all of us to contribute to making the world liveable for future generations and to avert the threat posed by climate change.

That is why we want to set a good example and operate our sustainable hotel in Germany with a holistic focus. This of course also includes pursuing a future-oriented method of agriculture. 100% certified organic, of course. But we at LindenGut go one step further and manage our farm according to strict Demeter guidelines.

This makes the animal residents feel at home at LindenGut. We would be happy to tell you more about it!

How does animal husbandry work according to Demeter?

In the so-called biodynamic Demeter animal husbandry, the welfare of the animals is always at the core. These should be able to behave and live according to their nature. The animals have plenty of opportunities to do this with us at LindenGut.

Demeter agriculture is organized as an organism of higher order, which is supposed to have a healing effect on both humans and the Earth. The interaction between animals and plants is particularly important. A constant improvement process ensures that the closed agricultural business organism continues to develop. Respect for the animals, species-appropriate feed and sufficient exercise are just a few of the aspects that need to be taken into account when it comes to Demeter animal husbandry. How the animals are kept is the central question.

Useful information:

Our chicken even have their own mobile, which enables real free range farming!

Our animals

What would the LindenGut be without its animals? They not only have a significant impact on the atmosphere on our farm; they also ensure that we can offer our guests and customers plenty of culinary delicacies. For example, white and cream-colored cattle of the French Charolais breed happily graze on our meadows. In addition, they are joined by their frugal colleagues of the Aubrac breed.

Our donkey, our pony and of course our sheep take care of our grassland. When our geese and ducks mix with the animal population, the picture-book idyll is perfect. Our chicken even have their own mobile, which enables real free range farming! And by the way: We also raise the “men”, that is, the brother cocks and bulls. By the way, our feathered bipeds are guarded by our dwarf goats – 4 in number per mobile. Foxes should therefore be more careful!

If you, too, feel like discovering our picture-book idyll and finding out more about our sustainability concept, we look forward to receiving your inquiry.

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