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Finest demeter products in the organic farm store LindenGut

Do you value the finest organic quality and prefer regional products and suppliers for your shopping? If regional organic food in demeter quality is on your shopping list, our farm store in Dipperz near Fulda is the right place for you. In addition to products from our own production, we maintain a strict but diverse selection of high-quality products. With our selected assortment we make your organic shopping easier.

On 60 square meters we offer an extensive range of about 900 items for your entire weekly shopping. In addition, we are proud supporters of the Organic Livestock Breeding (ÖTZ), demonstration partner of the BLE (Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food) and demeter contract partner since 2016.

LindenGut Hofverkauf bio brot-und backwaren
LindenGut Hofladen Bio Wein, Getränke
LindenGut Hofladen Bio Milch und Käse
LindenGut Hofladen Bio Fleisch aus Reifeschrank
Lindengut Hofladen Bio Obst Gemüse

Organic store by conviction

The seasonal fruits and vegetables sold in our organic farm store are mostly from our own production or from regional farms. In addition to our own agriculture, we run a demeter beekeeping, whose honey is also available in the farm store in Dipperz.

  • Baked goods: We bake fresh rolls and bread on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday directly in our own bakery, which also includes a pasta factory. The assortment also includes milk and cheese from the region as well as beverages and other products for daily use in organic quality.
  • Chickens & Roosters: We have dual-purpose chickens – not only hens whose eggs we offer you and also process ourselves, but also their brothers. The co-reared roosters have a much more intense taste than conventional chickens. Our “happy chickens” live in fully equipped chicken mobiles, which are moved weekly to a new, large, fresh piece of green. We also offer the meat in jars – as chicken soup, bolognese or fricassee for quick, healthy organic cooking at home.
  • Organic meat: The offered organic meat from Aubrac and Charolais cattle, old breed pigs from active pig farming, chickens and roosters as well as geese and ducks comes from our own production. We follow our own suckler cow husbandry, where the calf stays with its mother for six months.

In the farm store it is supplemented with venison from our own hunting as well as goat meat from the region. We are particularly proud of our Dry-Ager curing oven, in which the organic meat, ham and sausage mature into real specialties.

Opening Hours

Our farm shop is open for you every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

  • Tuesday & Friday: 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m
  • Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m

How to find our farm shop – Directions

In front of our farm shop you will find a large free parking lot. The address for navigation is:  

  • LindenGut Hofladen, Wisselsroder Str. 1, 36160 Dipperz.

Outside of our opening hours, you can buy the most important organic products such as eggs, sausage and seasonal specialties around the clock.

Our two 24-hour LindenGut organic vending machines are available to you directly at the LindenGut farm shop in Kohlgrund and in the center of the village in Dipperz.

Das LindenGut Bio-Mobil – mobil for you on spot

The organic products of our farm store should be made accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore, there is a selection of our product range also mobile around Fulda. At various weekly markets we provide you with our fine demeter products such as eggs, baked goods from our manufactory or fresh vegetables from our own farm. Do not miss!

  • Alte Piesel in Dirlos:
    Every Saturday from 07:00 to 11:00 in the Dirloser street in 36093 Künzell
  • Künzeller Bauernmarkt “Neue Mitte”:

    once a month on Fridays from 9:00 to 13:00 in the “Neue Mitte” in 36093 Künzell. Dates 2022:

    • Freitag, 09.12.22
    • dates for 2023 coming

Bio Mobil LindenGut
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