Fasting at home
Because fasting is good for your health. Therefore, plan therapeutic fasting for yourself from time to time. Maybe once, twice or even a few times a year.
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Fasting at home

Fasting experience in your own four walls

Fasting revitalizes with new strength and energy and brings lightness to body and mind. Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and relax! You can lose weight and relieve your body. The so-called therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger, for example, is completely natural and has always been used – be it for religious, spiritual or health reasons.

Even Hippocrates once said: “Be moderate in everything, breathe pure air, do skin care and physical exercise every day […] and heal a small pain with fasting rather than medicine”.

Because fasting is good for your health. You should therefore plan a therapeutic fasting experience for yourself from time to time. Maybe once, twice, or even a couple of times a year. Fasting in your own four walls can also be a very special experience. We will show you what is important, what options you have and what needs to be considered!

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How can you fast at home?

You can fast wherever you feel comfortable and secure. The familiar environment at home therefore has many advantages, because it is well known that this is where you feel most comfortable. However, there are some obstacles lurking at home in everyday life that can end a fast prematurely. Be it hungry children, relatives with well-intentioned advice or familiar items like your fridge. With proper preparation, you will easily master fasting at home. Decide for yourself how long and when you want to start. Plan a period of time  without important appointments, birthdays or meetings.

Get rid of food supplies or favorite products by giving them away or making sure they are properly hidden away. Involve your family in your project so that you get the support you need.

Before you start fasting, buy everything you need for fasting according to Buchinger:
  • Fruit and oat flakes for the relief days,
  • Glauber’s salt, teas, fruit and vegetable juices and lots of vegetables to prepare the vegetable broths for the fasting days.

You are welcome to postpone shopping for the build-up days to the last day of fasting, this increases the anticipation of the first day of eating.

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Discharge days

Start therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger with 1 – 2 of relief days on which you eat a little less than normal. On the first day of fasting, prepare your body for the beginning of the fasting period with the signal to empty your bowel.

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"Pure" fasting days

On the “pure” days of fasting, you should drink plenty of fluids in the form of water and tea. 2 – 3 liters a day are recommended. Take plenty of time in the morning for your body care and enjoy the start of the day with meditation or yoga.

Drink your prepared fruit or vegetable juice at lunchtime and exercise in the morning and / or afternoon with smaller gymnastics units or hikes. In the evening, you have enough time to relax after enjoying the vegetable broth.

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Build-up days

Solemnly end your fasting at home and start building up in 1 to 3 days to get your body used to solid food again. This is also part of the therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger.

Home Fasting: Duration & Frequency

Anyone who feels healthy and is confident enough to come into contact with themselves for a few days can fast independently at home. If you are not sure about Buchinger therapeutic fasting, are undergoing medical treatment or suffer from chronic illnesses, it is advisable to seek medical advice or support in a fasting clinic. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should refrain from fasting.

You can fast at any time. It is advisable to fast for 5 to 7 days, 1 to 2 times a year to bring about beneficial changes in your metabolism. Even shorter therapeutic fasts after Buchinger breaks of 3 days are a less time-consuming, good and body-beneficial option for beginners.

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How to fast:

Attune positively and set realistic goals. Lent begins in your head!

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Just fast at home – with our organic fasting box

You can also fast at home very comfortably and without much additional effort: with our high-quality organic fasting box, your fasting experience comes quickly and easily into your own four walls. In the box you will find everything you need for a 7-day therapeutic fasting week according to Buchinger.

This saves you long research and cumbersome shopping and you can get started right away. With our instructions (a comprehensive fasting guide, compiled by our experienced fasting leader Manuela Bildhäuser) you are also well informed and looked after.

Fasting at home: Conclusion

Fasting at home is a wonderful opportunity to find yourself, do something good for yourself and recharge your batteries in the process. Be open to these interesting days. Your body and soul will thank you in the end. Fasting can be very uncomplicated with our organic fasting box including instructions, which you can order from us – so you have everything at hand you need for a successful and sustainable fasting experience.

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