Organic fasting box

Fasting at home

Fasting has never been so easy. With our organic fasting box, your fasting experience comes straight to your home! Convenient and straightforward. In the box you will find everything you need for a 7-day fasting week according to Buchinger – from Glauber’s salt to juices and broths to comprehensive fasting information. Try it out and experience a completely new attitude to life!

It works that easy:

1. Select the appropriate fasting time

2. Order an organic fasting box (at least 5 days before the start)

3. Get it delivered to your home

4. Start the fasting week (if you wish, our fasting leader will also be happy to support you online)

1 box – everything for your 7-day fasting cure – 100% organic

With our organic fasting box you can experience fasting at home

Simply order and get started right away! The box is made of 100% grass paper and therefore requires less water and no chemicals in the production. The products in our fasting box are handcrafted and lovingly made by the organic caterer bankett sinnreich in Fulda. The ingredients come from our own Demeter farm, which we have been running with a lot of passion and according to strict guidelines for years. Our high-quality refined products are supplemented by other certified products from long-term partners such as Voelkel or Lebensbaum. Everything is carefully coordinated, pre-cooked and portioned for your 7-day fasting time according to Buchinger.
You get the following content with our organic fasting box:
  • 7 soups and broths à 350 – 380 ml
  • 5 juices of 200 – 250 ml
  • 7 teas (5 x 20 g, 1 x 40 g, 1 x 10 g)
  • 1 Demeter honey 250 g
  • 3 lemons
    • 1 Glauber’s salt 40 g
    • 2 millet-buckwheat porridge with fruits and seeds
    • 1 alkaline bath salt for 5 foot baths
    • 1 Bio Planete oil pulling treatment 40 ml
    • 1 ginger root
  • 1 apple (fasting break ritual)
  • 1 emergency set consisting of Schüßler salt No. 7, ginger and oat flakes
  • 1 intestinal tube
  • 1 fasting guide

Fasting box with professional support

With the enclosed fasting guide, your fasting time will also be a cleansing and special experience. And all of this in your own four walls! Together with our fasting leader, Manuela Bildhäuser, we have put together professional instructions for you. You will be introduced to the topic in an understandable way and receive comprehensive information at hand. If you want to know more about our experienced fasting leader, we recommend the website

Order our high quality organic fasting box today

... and feel the soothing feeling and the cleansing effect of a fasting cure!

Our general terms and conditions apply. Select your fasting box and simply order the box by email or by phone: +49 66579810.

Fasting box

for 1 week for 1 person without irrigator

149,- €

Fasting box for first-time fasters
for 1 week for 1 person including irrigator

161,- €

Fasting box for two

for 1 week for 2 people without irrigator

275,- € for 2 people

Fasting accessories:

Body brush gets you going (not only) during the fast. Alkaline baths are a popular form of therapy against hyperacidity.

Optionally bookable services

For all those who want to delve even deeper into the world of fasting according to Buchinger, we offer other attractive additional services for our fasting box:

Fasting accompaniment for first-time fasters

3 x 20 min including preliminary talk

99,- €

Fasting accompaniment for repeat fasters

3 x 20 min

60,- €

Fasting accompaniment for 1 week on fixed dates

Daily morning rounds and evening appointments with lectures, relaxation, etc.

129,- €

Individual fasting accompaniment

Billing per hour (groups on request). Our fasting leader is happy to be there for you during the day!

60,- € / hour


During fasting, you can support your body with enemas, alkaline baths, and exercise. To do this, you need additional aids, which you can optionally order with the fasting box.

  • Body brush Jentschura: 32,- €
  • Tongue cleaner: 6,- €
  • Irrigator: 12,- €
  • additional intestinal tube: 1,- €
  • Hot water bottle Green & Fair 2 liters: 19,90 €
  • Oil pulling treatment 250 ml: 15,90€
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