Demeter hotel in Germany

LindenGut in Dipperz near Fulda

Welcome to the Demeter Hotel LindenGut in Dipperz, near Fulda in the Hessian Rhön. When it comes to sustainability, we make no compromises and always strive for highest quality in all areas. Our aim is to run a special sustainable hotel in Germany. We want to help our guests to eat, think and live organic – whether on vacation, at a conference or in everyday life. Convince yourself and explore the unique world of our Demeter hotel!

Biohotel Lindengut Dipperz Demeterhotel
Biohotel Lindengut Dipperz Demeterhotel
Biohotel Lindengut Dipperz Demeterhotel
Biohotel Lindengut Dipperz Demeterhotel
Biohotel Lindengut Dipperz Demeterhotel
Demeter agriculture at LindenGut

Organic quality? Yes! But only 100% certified. And with complete transparency – from field to plate. True to this motto, we make our Demeter agriculture a live experience for guests and customers. 

Strict guidelines, our basic organic philosophy and our striving for continuous improvement make LindenGut what it is today: the first climate-neutral hotel in the Hessian Rhön, certified member of the BIO HOTELS association, sustainable conference hotel near Fulda and much more. After all, it is up to all of us to make a positive contribution to climate change.

Demeter animal keeping at LindenGut

Cows, ducks, pygmy goats and chicken – just a few of the animal residents who roam around our Demeter hotel. They make a significant contribution to the idyllic atmosphere on our farm. With us, the animals can behave according to their nature and get a lot of exercise. That’s how it should be. Fertilizers are produced in our biodynamic agriculture; when feeding, we of course also pay attention to species-appropriate nutrition. In return, we are presented with high-quality food, which you can enjoy in our hotel or purchase in the form of finest Demeter products at the farm shop.

Our Demeter products

Our certified agriculture is, among other things, the main supplier of our Demeter hotel. Guests can enjoy many fresh delicacies that come directly from our farm. The palette ranges from fine pasta products and sauces to wonderful spreads. We also offer many of our products at our farm sale or in our organic vending machines. Enjoy high quality products on the go or at home!

Demeter farm sale and organic vending machines

Our farm sale invites you to the LindenGut every Friday from 1 pm to 6 pm. You can easily reach us by car from Fulda. Free parking spaces are of course available for you.

At our 24-hour vending machines in Dipperz or at the Morgensternhaus many of our products can also be purchased all day and night long. The vending machines are easy to use and offer sufficient protection in the case of bad weather conditions. If you want to learn more about our holistic concept, please click here:

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