Farm Sale

Finest Demeter products at the LindenGut farm sale

Every Friday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. we open the farm sale for you at LindenGut. At all other times, you can use our 24-hour LindenGut organic vending machine to purchase our fine products. You can easily reach our farm sales from Fulda by car. In front of our courtyard entrance you will find 10 free parking spaces on the lefthand side.


In our inner courtyard, our farm sale awaits you with lovingly prepared, fresh, home-grown organic vegetables, our eggs from Demeter hens from the chicken mobile and many other delicious products, such as our organic apple juice or our spreads, of which we are happy to serve you sample bites.

Our Demeter fresh egg noodles are made from Demeter durum semolina and our own organic eggs in Demeter quality. You can currently choose from the following varieties: Spirelli, Sputnik, wavy or smooth ribbon noodle, florets and spaghetti.

Our range of vegetables and spreads changes depending on the season. You can put together the products individually as you wish. We are also happy to take pre-orders.

Our mobile, biodynamic chicken rearing at LindenGut

100% certified Demeter meat from Hesse

We have good news for everyone who is asking themselves: “Where can I buy high quality meat?” True to the motto “eat less meat – but consciously and good” we offer the best organic meat from Hesse at our Demeter-certified farm.

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