Demeter agriculture

What is Demeter Agriculture?

Demeter agriculture in the BIO HOTEL LindenGut is run according to biodynamic principles. This method is forward-looking and based on the human being. It recognizes the spiritual interrelationships. The closed farm organism plays an essential role here.

In a constant process, it is further shaped and, as an organism of higher order, should have a healing effect on people and the Earth. Specially produced fertilizers are integrated and the coexistence of animals and plants is central. In addition, cosmic elements (such as the moon phase) are included. Of course, strict guidelines also apply to this type of economy, which must be adhered to. In principle, one can say that this biodynamic method is a very original type of agriculture.


Why Demeter Agriculture?

Running our business with 100% certified organic quality has long been a matter of great concern to us. But we wanted to go one step further. Therefore, we decided to use a biodynamic economy and offer everything in certified Demeter quality. This way, we can open doors to a high-quality world of pleasure for our guests and customers. The transparency ensures that our motto “from the field to the plate” can be experienced live for the people. If you want to learn more, please click here:

Demeter agriculture at the LindenGut

Our biodynamic Demeter agriculture is the main supplier of the LindenGut, e.g. for our breakfast, own brands and events. To create healthy food of highest quality and to promote our natural basis of life (the flora and fauna and the social environment of the farm) with the best of our ability is our common goal. We are currently working on more than 85 hectares of agricultural land – divided into 30 hectares of arable land, 20 hectares of forest, 35 hectares of grassland and 0.5 hectares of vegetables / orchards and 1.2 hectares of orchards.

We want to set a good example and operate our sustainable hotel in Germany with a holistic focus. This of course also includes pursuing a future-oriented method of agriculture.

Demeter animal husbandry

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Demeter agriculture: our animals

Species-appropriate or organic animal husbandry is a particular concern of us. After all, the animal residents at LindenGut should enjoy a livable existance! As part of our biodynamic Demeter agriculture, Charolais and Aubrac cattle graze on our meadows. Our donkeys and ponies and of course our sheep serve as grassland keepers. In between, geese and ducks cavort. Not to be forgotten are our five dwarf goats, who responsibly guard our numerous chicken from predatory game. Incidentally, the latter live in our innovative chicken mobile – a unique barn for mobile, biodynamic chicken rearing!

Demeter Agriculture: farm sale

Our biodynamic Demeter agriculture not only ensures a harmonious atmosphere – it also provides us with all kinds of high-quality Demeter products. This is how, for example, bread, eggs, meat and sausage, fruit and vegetables as well as herbs, fruit juices and much more are produced. We also offer these to you at our farm sale. Every Friday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., we welcome you at the LindenGut. Our tip: try our high-quality pasta products, which are available in the following tempting varieties: spaghetti, wavy or smooth ribbon pasta, sputnik, spirelli or florets.

We hope we were able to give you a good insight into our biodynamic economy. Should you have any further questions about our farm or our organic hotel in Hesse – or would like to get to know our wonderful gem in the Hessian Rhön better – we look forward to hearing from you!

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