Demeter quality organic eggs

Certified farm sale at the LindenGut near Fulda

At our farm sale, which takes place every Friday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., you have the option to buy finest Demeter organic eggs loose or in boxes of 10, 90 or 180 and many other high-quality self-made organic products such as pasta, juices, spreads and more.

You can easily reach our farm sale from Fulda by car. There are 10 free parking spaces in front of our courtyard.


Demeter organic eggs from our chicken

Our Demeter chicken of the races Lohmann brown plus and Cream & Coffee live in mobile stalls, our chicken mobiles, which are regularly moved. This allows them to enjoy fresh, high-quality greenery as they please, without having to forego the comfort of a permanent stable building.

This species-appropriate animal husbandry offers the Demeter chicken year-round exercise and invites them to extensive sun and dust baths. This is how our chicken maintain their vitality and health in a completely natural way.

Chicken mobile:

Our Demeter chicken live in mobile stalls, our chicken mobiles, which are regularly moved.

Biohotel Lindengut Dipperz Demeter Landwirtschaft Bio Eier

Why do we support the Bruderhahn rearing and dual-purpose chicken breeds?

In addition to the appropriate organic keeping in the chicken mobile and our organic feeding, it is our concern that the animals are not overbred and that the brother cocks do not have to be killed after hatching.

Our chicken not only lay eggs, they also put on enough meat and are happier. This happens much more slowly with our Cream & Coffee dual-purpose chicken breed.

We accommodate a total of 2x 225 dual-purpose chicken with roosters at our farm.

With every egg that we sell, we support organic animal breeding with 1 cent per egg sold in order to encourage more pedigree poultry and rooster rearing again.

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