Chicken share

What is the chicken share?

  • You want to know where your eggs come from?
  • You would like to ensure that animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner?
  • You want to promote dual-purpose breeds and raise the roosters?

Then why not invest in a sustainable future by promoting species-appropriate chicken husbandry. Support our “Chicken Mobile” project. In return, you can enjoy delicious Demeter eggs from healthy animals on a regular basis. Eggs from happy mobile organic dual-purpose chicken and their proud brothers (roosters).

Acquire one LindenGut-chicken / rooster-egg share!


What do we get from the chicken share?

With the purchase of your egg share you not only make us happy by showing that you value our work and happy chicken. With the egg shares, we want to make the producer-consumer relationship even more transparent and let you participate in our production process.

Chicken share:

Invest in a sustainable future by promoting appropriate chicken husbandry.

When does the chicken share start?

From September until mid of October 2021, you can subscribe to chicken shares. At that time the chicken will move into the chicken mobile. A few days later the dividend will start to be paid out in the form of fresh eggs.

Which variants of the chicken share are available? And how can I buy one?

Call us at (+49) 6657 981-0 or send us an email. Our chicken and the LindenGut team look forward to hearing from you!

Chicken share variant 1

  • 5 * eggs per week
  • a brother cock
  • a (soup) chicken

250,- €

Chicken share variant 2

  • 5 * eggs per week
  • a (soup) chicken

225,- €

Chicken share variant 3

  • 5 * eggs per week

200,- €

* The shareholder purchases around five eggs per week for a period of 17 months. Depending on the time of year and the shape of the chicken on the day, it can be one more or less egg per week.

Please note: this offer is not a share in the traditional sense and is therefore not a financial participation in the chicken mobile or a “financial boost”. Rather, with this offer we want to create a closeness between consumers and agricultural production. We see it as our contribution to public relations for organic agriculture.

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