First climate-neutral hotel in the Hessian Rhön

Why are we committed to climate neutrality?

Climate change has been the greatest global challenge for humanity since the end of the ice age. Now, there is worldwide agreement that we urgently need to limit this man-made climate change.

The success of emission reductions highly depends on the voluntary and consistent action of the economy in industrialized countries. However, we are ready to take responsibility for the world that we leave to our children and grandchildren. Out of an exceptionally high sense of duty, the association BIO HOTELS focuses on the mindful and future-oriented management of its members. Due to the shared motivation to act sustainably, emission balances were created for all BIO HOTELS.

Climate-neutral hotel in Germany We are pioneers!

On this basis, hotels can achieve the status of climate neutrality by purchasing climate protection certificates to effectively offset emissions generated during operation. The individual member hotels can successfully contribute to environmentally and climate-friendly visions of the association and become industry-wide pioneers in climate protection.

That is why we record greenhouse gas emissions of our BIO HOTEL LindenGut including various areas and offset them by funding climate protection projects for 2019. Currently we support a project

Why do we buy emission certificates?

Climate-relevant greenhouse gases are evenly distributed into the atmosphere. It is therefore not absolutely necessary to compensate for them at the point of origin. Rather, it makes sense in this context to avoid emissions where the costs are lowest and the consequences of climate change are most noticeable. Non-industrialized countries are often particularly suitable for the implementation of climate protection projects. In addition, the projects in developing and emerging countries help to improve the economic, social and ecological situation and support the demanding implementation of the United Nations’ sustainability goals.

For emerging and developing countries, emissions trading is an essential driver for the transfer of climate-friendly technologies and sustainable economic development. 

To illustrate: on average, a typical German generates about 10 tons of CO2 per year through his or her lifestyle. Accordingly, we have offset the emissions from our hotel operations for 2018 by purchasing 34 climate protection certificates. This makes the LindenGut-BIO HOTEL one of the first in the industry to voluntarily offset its emissions according to the Kyoto Protocol and to offer all overnight stays and pensions from 2019 onwards in a climate-neutral manner at no extra charge.

You can find an overview of our environmental activities in our environmental statement. All the services we offer you are, of course, certified.

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