For a carefree stay

Our current measures

Dear guests,

we are pleased that we can accommodate you. We want you to have a carefree and safe stay with us. For this we have developed a corona protection concept, which is based on the current recommendations and instructions of DEHOGA HESSEN and the Hessian Ministry.

Please check before your arrival whether you want to accept these corona protective measures. They apply to all guests and to us.

The following requirements are necessary for an overnight stay at LindenGut:

  • Mask requirement in closed rooms, except at the seat e.g. at breakfast (does not apply to closed events with a maximum of 25 participants)
  • Evidence of a negative test for tourist travelers and for events that take place indoors
  • Proof for business travelers is recommended to protect other guests
  • or proof of recovery (not older than 6 months)
  • or proof of vaccination

1. Number of guests

  • External guests can have breakfast with us, provided we can keep the distance to our house guests
  • Our large conference room can be booked with a maximum of 12-25 participants, depending on the type of seating. Our small conference room library with 6-12 participants.
  • A distance of 1.50 m is recommended here. In the small hall catering area, we can currently accommodate up to 20 guests and at any time move to the winter garden, the foyer or the balcony areas as well as the inner courtyard.
  • 25 people including those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered may come together without any distance

2. Arrival and Check-In

  • When you arrive, just let us know your approximate arrival time. We either store the key in the Safe-O-Mat (you will receive a PIN number) or receive you personally.
  • Disinfectants are available at the front door. Please use this before entering.
  • So that the other guests have enough space to leave and we have time for more intensive cleaning and ventilation, please do not arrive before 3 p.m.
  • You can fill out your registration forms in your own room.
  • We are obliged to help the health authorities with any necessary follow-up of possible chains of infection. The name, address and telephone number of the guests must therefore be recorded. They take place in compliance with data protection regulations.


3. Rooms

  • We rent all 10 rooms. For your protection and privacy, we do not enter the room during your stay. If you need anything, such as fresh laundry, please inform us in the morning at breakfast.
  • Your order will be deposited in front of the room or can be picked up from us by arrangement or when you leave the house by prior arrangement.

4. Stay in the common rooms

  • We set up the tables so that you have sufficient distance from the next person.
  • There is limited space on the terrace.
  • The sauna is open to our house guests.
  • Entering all operating rooms, including the office, is not permitted.
  • The guest toilets are cleaned and disinfected by us at regular intervals – depending on occupancy. (See the documentation sheet in the toilets).

5. Self-service und service

  • Self-service at the buffet is allowed again.
  • You can see all drinks and food at the kitchen counter and take them out as usual.
  • Mouth / nose protection must be worn in the buffet area.
  • If only 1-2 rooms are occupied, you are welcome to pre-order your breakfast wishes from us – we will send you an order card before your arrival.
  • After dinner, you can either hand over the dishes to us (counter in the foyer / kitchen) or leave them, we will clear the tables when you have left the table.
  • All service and kitchen employees wear face masks.
  • Plexiglass partitions are installed at the reception so that we can communicate with you there even without a face mask.
  • Food allergies and intolerances must be stated when booking.

6. Departure and Check-Out

  • So that we have enough time for cleaning, we ask you to vacate the room by 11 a.m.
  • When you leave, please open / tilt some windows. Close the doors, so a basic ventilation can take place.
  • You can then conveniently check out at reception. Please indicate how you would like to pay.
  • We accept cash, EC card, credit card (VISA / Mastercard) or, by prior arrangement, sending invoices.
  • In addition, there is currently a hygiene fee per person and day of € 2.50.

7. Cancellation rules for guests

  • Stay home if you have symptoms of the illness or if you suspect you may have become infected.
  • Get travel insurance.
    If the hotel has to close due to an unforeseeable situation (e.g. official instruction, illness of employees, multiple cancellations, travel ban, etc.), it can withdraw from the accommodation contract and mutual claims for compensation do not apply.
  • Otherwise the following applies to individual guests:
    • Can be canceled free of charge up to 4 days in advance,
    • up to 3 days in advance 70%,
    • up to 2-0 days 100%
  • for groups & event bookings:
    • Can be canceled free of charge up to 8 weeks in advance,
    • up to 4 weeks in advance 50%,
    • up to 2 weeks in advance 70%,
    • up to 1 week before 90%,
    • from day 3 of arrival 100%


8. Backstage

  • We also observe all hygiene and distance rules and adhere to the official requirements.
  • Whenever possible, we let the rooms air for at least 2 hours.
  • In addition, we provide our Delphin special water suction device for air purification and disinfection.
  • All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • We ventilate the general rooms several times a day.
  • We obtain information from DEHOGA Hessen and the federal government about the current status and continuously adapt the measures.


9. Reporting requirement

  • If any of us falls ill within 10 days of your departure, we will notify you immediately.
  • Please also report it to us if you fall ill within 10 days of your departure.
  • With these measures we protect your and our health.
  • We hope that you can safely enjoy your time with us even with these restrictions and rules.


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