Vegetable box

What is a vegetable box?

Fresh. Diversified. Organic certified. With the LindenGut vegetable crate, regional and seasonal organic vegetables are put together for you to pick up every week. All products come directly from the farm’s own agriculture, which is operated according to biodynamic principles and also offers everything in certified Demeter quality. We work according to the strict and regularly controlled guidelines of the demeter association, which stipulates more than the minimum standards of the EU organic seal. And believe us: you will taste the difference with every bite!

What are the advantages of our vegetable box?

Our vegetable crate is stocked with fresh and high quality organic vegetables. This comes directly from our vegetable patches around the LindenGut and is lovingly sown, raised and looked after by our gardeners until the harvest.

With a subscription from us you buy regionally and protect the environment – on the one hand by consciously avoiding long transport routes and complex packaging, on the other hand by choosing organic vegetables. The vegetables are made available to you for collection in reusable, handy boxes. You bring the “empty” one and get a new, fully packed one every week.

100 % Organic vegetable box – what is inside?

Our vegetable box is filled to the brim with at least 6 different crops that vary depending on the season. In summer we delight you with, for example, crunchy French beans, vitamin-rich Swiss chard, tender kohlrabi and crunchy carrots. The green salad, the colorful peppers and zucchini should not be left unmentioned. Autumn is pumpkin time, but also brings beetroot, radish and parsnips to your subscription. Even winter brings diversity and e.g. Chinese cabbage, savoy cabbage, Brussels sprouts and leeks into your home.

The weather is a very important factor in growing vegetables. Therefore, it can always happen that we can harvest fewer vegetables than planned. If this happens, we will surprise you with fruit from our garden. Juicy organic apples and berries will enrich your box. In winter, our protein-rich and high-quality Demeter eggs can also be included.

Vegetable box

fresh and healthy

LindenGut Dipperz Gemüsekiste bestellen

Fix box

With the Fix-Kiste you secure enjoyment and variety every week at an absolutely special price! The subscription has a minimum duration of 3 months, after which you can cancel with a notice period of 2 weeks to the end of the month. With the Abo Fix we put together our best vegetables for you every week.

  • Small box (1-2 people): € 17,-
  • Big box (3-4 people): € 27,-

You can also order this variant on account.

LindenGut Dipperz Gemüsekiste bestellen

Flex box

You are very flexible with the Flex offer. You decide how often you would like to have our delicious vegetables. With the Flex variant, you receive our crisp, fresh products without the obligation to take out a subscription.

  • Small box (1-2 people): € 20,-
  • Big box (3-4 people): € 30,-
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